I Wanna Be Free!

"Don't ask yourself what Freedom means to you,
but what You can do for Freedom!"
Parafrase on a statement from President John F. Kennedy (1962).

On this website we show you why we recorded our Song. Why did we choose a black background? Well, black is a color (?) meaning bad. The fact that our song had to be recorded is bad. Bad because there are lots of mighty people who don't care about lots of other people. I can be very mad at people like Bush, and You? 
Red is the color of Blood. Because of bad people, a lot of blood is wasted.... 
Green is the color of Hope. Let's hope that the world can be better for all of us!

The song I Wanna Be Free! is about Freedom and we hope Freedom will by in our World for as many people as possible!

The song is a protest against crazy people who are leaders from countries or fanatic groups. These kind of people rape our World and that's too bad! Some ignore Kyoto and blackmailing country's so they won't sent people to the International Court, others kill for 'higher' reasons..... Because of some people the tension in the World is raising and also hallucinate lots of people to be the first men on Mars. It costs over 1000 billion Dollar! I Think that this money can much better be used for the struggle against Poverty, Aids and for other good purposes. 

Mighty people wan to be reelected or want to have all the power, although it costs many lives..... You have noticed it, my emotions are readable. The song 'I Wanna Be Free!' is about this matter and lots of people say this will be a World-Hit! I have heard someone call it "the new We are the World". Nice compliment, isn't it? But, be clear, the fact that I had to write a song like this is a bloody shame!

Well, If you like this project/this song, please share it with all the people you know! Why? Because a part of the profit will be used for Charity, that's why! 

©Ruud Rensink, jan-2009 - No Waste of Energy!









































5 mei is de nationale feestdag waarop jaarlijks de bevrijding van het koninkrijk in 1945 van de Duitse en Japanse bezetter wordt gevierd (Koninklijk Besluit 24 september 1990). Naast de historische bevrijding wordt vooral het grote goed van vrijheid gevierd. 5 mei is de dag van de bevrijding, maar ook de dag van de vrijheid. We realiseren ons op die dag dat het de verantwoordelijkheid is van iedereen is om vrijheid in stand te houden en te delen. Het is een dag waarop mensen zich solidair tonen met mensen die nu niet in vrijheid leven. op 5 mei vieren we onze vrijheid.

In 2004 staan de politieke aspecten van vrijheid centraal onder het motto 'Vrijheid is kiezen én delen'. Herdenken en vieren is niet alleen iets van het verleden, maar veronderstelt ook een actieve houding in het heden. Waar mensen samenleven, bestaat vrijheid alleen als mensen die met elkaar delen. Daarvoor is een actieve betrokkenheid nodig bij de samenleving waar wij deel van uitmaken: lokaal, nationaal en internationaal. "Vraag je niet af wat de vrijheid voor jou betekent, maar wat jij voor de vrijheid betekent." Parafrase op uitspraak van president John F. Kennedy (inaugurele rede, 1962).


Mensen en organisaties kunnen vrijheid maken en breken. Eenmaal verworven vrijheid is nooit vanzelfsprekend. Vrijheid moet voortdurend gevoed worden. Maar met de tijd en met de mensen, veranderen ook de eisen waaraan de vrijheid moet voldoen. Vrijheid is daarom niet statisch, maar dynamisch. Vrijheid vraagt voortdurend verantwoordelijkheid van iedereen die de vrijheid liefheeft.

Vanuit deze visie op vrijheid hanteert het Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei voor de periode 2001 - 2005 het thema 'Vrijheid vraagt verantwoordelijkheid'. Ieder jaar staat een ander maatschappelijk aspect van vrijheid centraal.


What is going on in the World right now isn't good this way. War against Afghanistan, war against Iraq, war against terror, war against terrorism, war against the central court of Justice in The Hague, war against Saddam Hussein, war against Osama Bin laden, war against Cuba, war against Europe, war against war, Bush against kerry, Bush against Bush.

Idols-Auditie idols auditie 

War is not the answer to all our problems. We can achieve more in Peace than with war! Bush is an idiot thinking a space-shield will work. He better can use the money for those who are hungry, for those who have pain, for those who have aids and for those who live in drought!

I really hope that there will come a time that people like Ghandy will rule a country like America! There will be more peace in the world and peace is all we want, is it not?

War is for idiots with no brains, like George Bush Jr. A man like him had to be locked up in prison in stead of ruling the world. All of the American have to vote for a man like kerry, it really is better than that Idiot, Bush.

Our Words:

anti-war peace stop the war don't attack Iraq no war no war for oil George Bush Tony Blair Gulf war Afghanistan Iraq Serbia Kosovo terror terrorism bomb bombing September 11 11 September twin towers imperialism anti-imperialism racism anti-racism militarism anti-militarism violence non-violence protest demonstrate Gandhi Martin Luther King justice solidarity international internationalism mass movement.

Washington protest Bush anti-war labor women workers Black Latino Asian Arab African Native union  peace disabled oppression exploitation liberation

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Is this enough?

http://www.nowaist.com/ and http://www.no-waist.com/ are also registered.

Well, we will still keep on going for peace and not war!